Joey Mills and Cole Claire in Raw Rollers on Helix Studios

Helix Studios presents Joey Mills and Cole Claire in Raw Rollers. Release Date: November 2, 2017. Video Duration: 30 minutes.


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Raw Rollers

Sexy gay boys Joey Mills and Cole Claire spend the day in San Diego and skate boarding together, sharing stories as they enjoy the romantic scenery. They also enjoy a crazy sweet kiss on a pier that ends with naughty Mills pushing Cole in the bay. Really! Soon Joey offers the soaking wet sexpot a towel in his car and a dryer at his place and we quickly catch on to Mills master plan. Lucky Cole catches on too, but plays along since he is anxious to get at that anaconda Joey is famous for. He is finally warm, dry and looking dangerously delicious in a towel that soon falls to the floor just as quickly as Cole goes to his knees to come face to face with that infamous anaconda and he doesn’t let this moment go to waste.

Then our Cole locks lips on the snake and sucks with the sensual skills of a hungry vampire. Cole’s cute surfer boy hair dangles in his pretty face as he works Mills monster member like a 9 to 5, using his hands and full pouty lips to get every inch inside down to the balls while he works his own dick with his other hand. Cole’s tight ass is just as hungry as his mouth. Once his sits down on Joey’s jock it disappears inside the boy’s deliciously plump derriere. The guys get a sex soaked soundtrack going as Joey’s cum filled balls slap up against those smooth cheeks, filling Cole’s hole as his cock claps against Mills muscle tight torso. Joey’s done being teased with a tasty tube steak right in his face and he needs a taste. A sexy dick slurp fest ensues. Happy Cole discovers Mills hot little hole with a wandering hand and gets the gorgeous twink superstar’s legs in the air.

Then Claire crams his thick dick deep in Joey while he and Mills take turns tugging on Joey’s massive member. The boys flip again, this time with Cole on all fours and Joey yanking him back by the hips, banging his big bareback boner deep inside the young boy as Claire looks back with lust in his eyes. The sweet soundtrack of sex speeds up and Cole grabs his thick cock. He cums in giant spurts, covering the sheets with his young seed. Mills just buries his beautifully big bone deeper till he can no longer hold his load. So hot! He shoots his hot white nut all over Cole’s creamy skinned back and butt. Cum slut Cole spins around and sucks the last drop of cream from the super sized sex spout.

Joey Mills and Cole Claire

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