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Sexy boy Keagan Case is always eager, vocal, and a down right dirty good lay. Nathan James is relatively new to the game and absolutely gorgeous with a great cock. It’s obvious from their orgasmic enthusiasm, both gay boys have been dreaming of this deep dicking for a while. Really!

Very soon Keagan goes in on Nathan’s knob, slobbing the young dick like a porn thirsty pig. When his own bone can no longer be left unlicked, he strips down in a moment, and mashes his massive meat down James’ throat, fucking his pretty face while dishing out some dirty talk that gets the gorgeous guy sucking even harder!

Then, Taking the lead from Case, James gets verbal, asking the fine assed fuck if he wants to, “take this cock?!” Keagan backs that smooth ass up with a quickness, the sits his hungry hole down to the boy’s big, bust filled balls and gets to bouncing.

After an amazing ride, our happy Case slips off the saddle, and slips right into Nathan. He hits the hottie’s hot spot hard, adding a lil’ love choke to the erotic equation while ordering the dude to, “take that dick”…

And boy, does he! Lucky James relaxes into the rigorous raw ramming, enjoying every thick dicked thrust while his incredible young cock pulses to the banging beat of the pounding. Keagan starts to hit even harder! Then, his huge hose goes off like a summer time sprinkler on a record hot day, soothing his slammed slut with a big batch of naughty boy nut from neck to knob.

Keagan Case and Nathan James in Eager Teens on 8teenBoy

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