Helix Studios – Lifeguards – Sex on the Beach – Max Carter and Sean Ford

Helix Studios presents young American boys Max Carter and Sean Ford in “Lifeguards – Sex on the Beach“. Full Length: 25 Minutes. Release Date: September 8, 2016. Let’ look at boys!


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It’s a perfect sunny day, so perfect all the guys can take it easy at lifeguard station lucky number 13. Cali’s cutest lifeguards are chilling and joking around about who has been sleeping with who. Never wanting to really admit their secrets since that could curtail their fun, the American gay boys think it best to get back to making their rounds. Beautiful blonde Max Carter has been eyeballing cute Sean Ford all day, he lets Sean know he has seen someone go into the canyon with alcohol. Should they definitely check this out?

Helix Studios – Lifeguards - Sex on the Brach - Max Carter and Sean Ford - 1

Helix Studios – Lifeguards – Sex on the Brach – Max Carter and Sean Ford – 1

Max Carter and Sean Ford

There’s no one at the canyon! So horny Max kisses Sean. The thought of this blonde guy wanting him all to himself immediately makes Sean rock hard. But Max knows just what to do in a situation like this, and the hottest outdoor blowjob session goes down! Their Big dicks being blown in the ocean breeze!

Then Sean Ford has been on a sexual exploration lately, bottoming for the 1st time recently. He takes this opportunity to explore that deeper and deeper, gets his ass tongue fucked good. Max can’t possibly stop there, and the next step of course is plowing that pucker the best way possible! Grabbing Sean’s lifeguard whistle around his neck, naked Max makes his way inside and just does not let up! He holds onto the sweet stick around his neck as he bangs him doggy style, and he holds onto his hard cock when he’s got his legs in the air.

Watching a newbie bottom cum with a cock in his tight ass is a true treat and this scene does not disappoint. The beach boys are obviously into each other and it shows when they shoot their young spunk on the bottom’s tanned, toned swimmers body. Don’t miss!

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