Joey Mills and Wes Campbell – Peaches and Cream

Helix Studios presents Joey Mills and Wes Campbell in “Peaches and Cream”. Release Date: December 1, 2016. Video Duration: 20 Minutes. Let’s look at boys!


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Joey Mills and Wes Campbell

In the ultimate pretty boy hook up, young and super sexy boys Joey Mills and Wes Campbell get it on raw and hard. The instant Joey’s big dick escapes the confines of his jeans, and Wes is wide eyed with wild lust. Unbelievable! After some hot doing, horny Campbell manages to cram the entire thing in his young tight hole. The dynamic duo swap their naughty cocks and kisses back and forth before Wes needs more…

Soon, Mill’s legs in the air! Now, lucky boy Wes realizes, Joey’s sexy ass is hungry for more than just a little tongue.. He masterfully works Joey’s junky trunk, getting a good amount of fingers inside as the boys long dick dangles nearly to his nose.

Peaches and Cream

After, Joey flashes a flirty smile and gorgeous Campbell instantly knows it’s time to get the kid on his knees. Pushing his hard cock in raw, he pulls Joey’s hair and pounds pure ecstasy into his naked partner. Writhing around on the bed and strung out on cock, Joey begs for more. Finally, Wes gives him everything he needs and leaves the kid’s can filled with a creamy center. Joey returns the favor all over Campbell’s flawless face. You would be hard pressed to find two more amazing gay boys than these here. They look perfect and fuck fiercely. This one will bring you endless sweet creamy dreams.

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