Lifeguards – Party Wave – Helix Studios

Helix Studios presents young gay boys Max Carter, Kyle Ross, Evan Parker, Tyler Hill, Blake Mitchell and Joey Mills in “Lifeguards – Party Wave“. Release Date: September 15, 2016. Don’t miss the party!


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Party Wave

You’ve been following California’s hottest lifeguards all season. You see all the hard work and dedication they put into learning mouth to mouth, waxing each other’s boards straight up red hot fucking. Only to keep their amazing bodies tight and toned incase they have to save a life of course. That is not very realistic, you say. What?

What better way to end the season and thank the lads for their hard work than with a giant sex party. The sexual tension has been building watching their young buddies glisten in the sun all season and as the party winds down, only the lifeguards are left. That tension explodes, but the boys can’t wait any longer, clothes are whipped off in giant sea of hot young bodies writhing around in a tidal wave of ecstasy. The guys have been wanting this all season, every hot lifeguard they’ve been wanting to get with in the same room and they’re all ready to play. Always! Every desire and hole is filled twice…

Download Full Video on Helix Studios

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