Helix Studios – Ride – 2

I Liked His Car

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While Jordan Lake is taking selfies leaning against a hot ride, the owner of the car, Spencer Locke is walking up. When Jordan realizes it’s the hottie’s muscle car, he decides to see how far he can take it, and asks for a ride. Locke is more than happy to oblige, and soon enough, the perfect pair are cruising to a butt bangin’ bruising! Locke has grown into his looks, and is hot as hell kissing the cute twink and licking his nipples.

Lake thanks the young stud for the ride with a mouth watering throater that shows off his tremendous talents. Not to be outdone, Locke lays a mean licking down on Jordan’s johnson, that has the hottie moaning for more. Then, Spencer spins the dude around and enters that epic ass with his tongue. He spreads the smooth surface and dives in tongue first, as he pulls on the pretty boy’s perfect piece.

He smacks the ass once for good measure then slides his super sizer deep inside. He goes slow at first, letting the lad adjust, before REALLY taking the twink to pound town. After dicking him down doggie, Locke is craving some cock as well; so, Lake bangs the boy out on his back as Spencer spanks his oversized appendage. The guys flip flop once more and Jordan winds up jumping for joy on top on the stud’s stick.

He jacks his rig on the ride and explodes all over Spencer’s smooth, tight torso. Locke keeps laying into the satisfied fuck with a few more thrusts before bursting all over the boy’s butt, then shoving his hog back in, leaving the cutie with a hot, fresh, cream pie. Yum.


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There’s no better combination than hot boys and hot cars! Austin Lovett and Aaron Roberts heat up the streets and then burn up a butt bangin’ flip fuck in this bad boy- hot car cock rocker!

Take a Chance

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Out on a scenic drive, Aiden Garcia spots cute twink, Blake Dyson stranded with his hood up. The pretty blond boy looks like he’s in desperate need of help, and Aiden is in desperate need for ass. So, he pulls over to help the hottie out. Blake confesses he knows nothing about cars, and Garcia gathers he’s telling the truth, since the only thing wrong with his ride is, no gas. Garcia let’s the lad know he’s got a full gas can at his place; so, the boys hit the pavement.

Once at Aiden’s place, Dyson decides to thank the lusty latin with his deep throat skills, which Aiden returns in kind. Next on the young man menu is Blake’s beautiful backside. Garcia goes in deep, tongue first, getting the clean cut cutie’s cock hungry hole ready for his long, latin twink tool. Next, he slides his incredible, uncut dick in and REALLY tunes the twink up with thick dicked thrusts.

Garcia could use a nice tune up too; and, big bonered Blake does Aiden’s ass right! The two beauties flip flop once more, with Dyson taking another ride from Aiden, this time on his perfect latin pole. Garcia can feel his gooey gasket boiling over and explodes right in the dude’s tight tailpipe. The warm nut in his butt makes Blake go crazy and he blasts boy butter all over that smooth peaches and cream torso of his.

Sin City

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Porn superstars, Travis Stevens, and Jace Myers are in Sin City, with nothing but hot cars, and hot sex on the brain. The gorgeous duo put one another through the paces during a night of pretty boy passion on the sultry strip, that shows off both boys GIANT talents. Betting on this pair is definitely no gamble!


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