Ben Masters and Wes Campbell in Haunted Holes on Helix Studios

Helix Studios presents Ben Masters and Wes Campbell in Haunted Holes. Release Date: October 31, 2017. Video Duration: 27 minutes.

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Haunted Holes

An amazing group of Helix boys swap Halloween stories before gathering up the nerve to enter a spooky haunted house. Out and on the other side of the scares the boy’s hearts are pumping and adrenalin races through their veins. Young gay boys Wes Campbell and Ben Masters decide to take advantage of the extra excitement. Once back at their place Campbell can’t take his tongue away from the blood flow throbbing through Ben’s thick main vein as he gobbles cock like Halloween candy. Really!  Very soon our pretty boy Campbell is looking super tasty to Masters as well and the boy does some serious work on Wes’s wang all the while handling his own hearty hog. Still ravenous, Wes wants some of the young studs ass.

Happy Masters lifts his legs over his head in an instant and is met with Campbell’s wet mouth, fingers and feisty tongue and finally, his beautiful bareback bone. The young guy licks his sweet lips and looks down at Campbell’s raw cock sliding inside his tight hole. Then he tosses his head back, getting lost in the bareback pleasure. Lucky Wes continues pounding ass like he’s tenderizing raw meat and Ben just opens his legs wider, holding his ankles as open as they’ll go. Between passionate kisses, Master’s mounts Campbell and rides his butt banging blond like a stallion.

Then Wes slaps the hot brunette’s ass between caressing it, his nice cheeks are firm but have enough meat to make them dance with each hit as they slowly turn a nice shade of pink. Once Campbell gets our young guy standing, the cock cam goes in from underneath capturing all the meat pounding, cock stroking action. Ben is about to blow, he stands up to feel Wes’s hot body on his back completely as he strokes his engorged groin to release blast after blast of boy butter. Horny Masters bends back over, allowing Wes to continue wailing that now twitching hole. Campbell pulls his piece out and aims at Ben’s bulls-eye, shooting and covering it completely with cum. He plays with the warm wad as he slip slides his cum covered cock back and forth over Ben’s butt. Don’t miss this video on Helix Studios!

Ben Masters and Wes Campbell

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