Helix Studios – Ready for My 3-Way – Justin Owen, Blake Mitchell and Logan Cross

Helix Studios presents hot young gay boys Blake Mitchell, Logan Cross an Justin Owen in “Ready for My 3-Way“. Release Date: August 21, 2016. Video Duration: 23 minutes. Let’s look at guys!


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Ready for My 3-Way

Horny boys Justin Owen, Blake Mitchell and Logan Cross are in for one hot threesome and you can tell as the guys primp to their prettiest. They towel dry their asses and flex their rippling muscles in the mirror with lust in their eyes for the camera. Justin happens upon luscious Logan touching his tender torso and you can tell he means business. He is so hard and can barely contain himself as the two get right to business. Blake soon joins and the threesome take turns on their knees satisfying their salacious hunger for young cock.

The two bigger guys lead little Logan into the other room and place him on a bed, treating each end of the twink like a treasure. The hot young tops take turns tasting bottom boy Logan’s perfectly smooth pink pucker and filling his sweet mouth with a big dick. Then Blake and Justin pass trophy boy Logan across the bed to each other and all the while some dirty talk takes place! Logan is the perfect twink, taking everything the boys are giving and remaining rock hard without ever touching his little tool. Soon Justin climbs on top on Blake’s cock and rides it hard while his buddy Logan finally gets his dick in Blake’s mouth.

Naturally all this amazing action brings all the boys to the brink. Blake and Justin aim their hard dicks right for Logan’s open mouth and shoot. Logan has never looked hotter than when covered in cream. Milking the boys for every last drop and keeping both cocks in his sweet mouth is all Logan needs. Really! He launches a load all over his smooth torso. The three American boys end sweaty, satisfied and covered in spunk, just like we did!

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