Lifeguards – Behind the Scenes

Helix Studios presents Max Carter, Kyle Ross, Tyler Hill, Evan Parker, Blake Mitchell, Noah White, Sean Ford and Joey Mills in “Lifeguards – Behind the Scenes“. Video Duration: 10 Minutes. Release Date: November 2, 2016. Let’s look at guys!

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Helix Boys in “Lifeguards – Behind the Scenes”

This hot Helix series is a block buster of a nut buster. Really! Go behind the scenes of this super popular videos and see all the hard work the boys did just for you. Watch the naughty boys frolic on the beautiful beaches of California. So, they share the good times, that went into this huge hit along with some fun bloopers and clowning around. Don’t miss a butt load of extra footage and a shower scene with a bundle of sexy boys and their bountiful boners bouncing in the ocean breeze. Get wet once again with California’s hottest lusty lifeguards.

In addition, you’ll find more photos on Boys V. Also, we recommend more scenes with our amazing young gay boys – Party Wave (Max Carter, Kyle Ross, Evan Parker, Tyler Hill, Blake Mitchell and Joey Mills), Sex on the Beach (Max Carter and Sean Ford), Flirting With Fire (Noah White and Sean Ford), Beach Bums (Blake Mitchell and Joey Mills), Wipeout (Tyler Hill and Josh Brady). As you see, the Helix Studios is one of the premier gay sites that features young guys on gay movies!

Models: Max Carter, Kyle Ross, Evan Parker, Tyler Hill, Blake Mitchell, Noah White, Sean Ford, Joey Mills.

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